Invest a few hours of time wisely and you will see that in less than 7 days, you will have a solid system in place, for life, to take your business to the next level

Phase 1: (Day 1,2)

  • System configuration
  • Choose your service plan
  • Think of irresistible prizes and gift cards that you will offer to your customers. For example, buy 12 donuts and get the next half dozen donuts for free.
  • Fill out the form with your business information (name, logo, location, contact, etc.)
  • We will configure the system, you will not have to worry about the technical part.
  • We will generate access to your personalized Control Panel and the QR Code.
  • Now the magic begins!

Phase 2 (Day 3,4)

Implementation in your Local

  • Involve your staff with the loyalty system, tell them how the system works
  • Print the promotion kit that we will send you, place it in a visible place so that your customers can easily scan the QR.
  • Promote by word of mouth, on your social networks, text messaging, WhatsApp or wherever , your new loyalty system.
  • Get ready for extreme loyalty, customers will return to visit you like bees to flowers and accumulate more points in order to receive their rewards.

Phase 3 (Day 5)


  • From your control panel you can track customers, see how many points they have and which rewards they automatically qualify for.
  • When a customer requests to redeem their reward, you can check in the dashboard to make sure they are eligible.
  • Advanced analytics, you will be able to see how well your loyalty programs and gift card analysis are working.
  • You will check if the loyalty system is working.
  • Remember that you have captured the email and cell phone numbers of all your members, you can send massive promotions to your customers.

Phase 4 (Day 6 onwards)

Insured increase in income

  • Thanks to the system, the magic continues, you are already persuading your customers to consume again and again in your store (online / offline).
  • If you give away prizes and discounts, people will become loyal to your business.
  • What’s more … in days, weeks or months of few sales you can send massive emails with super promotions attracting at once, many more customers.
  • The chances of being successful with your loyalty system are very high, take advantage of the trend and be one of the pioneers in your sector.